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 Corporate Headquarters :  408 East 4th Street,  Suite 308,  Bridgeport, PA 19405. P (610) 277-7094   F (610) 277-7095 
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President, Richard Barrington Bennett was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Bennett
earned his certificate in Architectural Technology at Springfield Technical Community College in
Springfield, Massachusetts. After his graduation, Bennett decided to follow a life time passion,
enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after, he was deployed to Iraq during the initial
invasion in 2003. Bennett served bravely and was later forced from active duty due to service related
In May 2009, Bennett formed Fidelis Design and Construction, LLC with the goal of providing
quality construction services to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The company name is taken
from the Marine Corps Motto “Semper Fidelis”. Since inception, Fidelis has been awarded over 25
million dollars worth of contracts at VA Medical Centers and continues to grow and expand our
market to include all government agencies and the private sector.
Corporate Headquarters :
408 East 4th Street
Suite 308
Bridgeport, PA 19405
P (610) 277-7094
F (610) 277-7095
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