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VAMC – Emergency Electrical System Upgrades
Location : Perry Point, MD  
Date : In Progress  
Value : $2,800,310.19  
Contact : Fred Arku  
Telephone : 410.642.2411 x5217
FDC is installing a centralized emergency generator package for the Perry Point VA Medical Center. The purpose of generator
package is to provide a crucial back up source of energy to the hospital in the event of a power outage. Additionally, new generators
will be installed and old generators will be replaced. The trades involved in this multimillion dollar endeavor include: concrete, masonry,
fire stopping, painting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, earthwork and exterior improvements.
VAMC – Removate 5 East Clinical Area
Location : Wilmington, DE
Date : In Progress
Value : $3,905,864.10
Contact : Jacob Spruance
Telephone : 302.994.2511 x4013
This project encompasses the renovation of the East Wing and the center of the Fifth Floor at the Wilmington VA Medical Center's
primary hospital. The purpose of this project is to create a space that will be utilized as a Dialysis Treatment Suite, Urology
Examination and Treatment Rooms and administrative offices. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the removal of wall
partitions, floor and ceiling finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures, electrical, plumbing, medical gas and mechanical systems, and
exterior windows in a currently occupied space.
Correct Architectural Barriers, Phase II
Location : Wilmington, DE
Date : In Progress
Value : $3,353,000
Contact : Jacob Spruance
Telephone : 302.994.2511 x4013
FDC is designing and building, for the VA Medical Center, a $3,353,000 project to upgrade all of the ADA site accessibility features.
Handicap ramps, railings and sidewalks will be upgraded as well as all site lighting on campus will be replaced with solar lighting to
increase energy efficiency. A new multi-use, fully functional pavilion will be erected. The VA will use it for outdoor events and will have
a gas grill, picnic tables, a stage, seating areas and bathrooms. To continue the outdoor theme, a walking track will be placed around
the entire perimeter of the facility to promote outdoor exercise to all patients. In addition, a new auxiliary vestibule will replace one of
the side entrances to the Medical Center.
Cardiac Catheterization / Hemodialysis Renovation
Location : Wilkes-Barre, PA
Date : In Progress
Value : $3,488,151.57
Contact : Dianne Smith
Telephone : 570.824.3521
This is an interior renovation project at the VA Wilkes-Barre on the 3rd floor CLC. Scope of work includes: select demo, concrete,
some structural steel, carpentry, HM doors, aluminum windows, GWB, ACT, VCT/Sheet, epoxy, painting, bathroom accessories,
casework, radiation protection, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work.
Repair Roads and Sidewalks
Location : Perry Point, MD
Date : In Progress
Value : $687,200
Contact : Sandra Anderson
Telephone : 410.642.2411 x6005
Fidelis is performing sitework improvements to the existing inlets, manholes, storm drains, curbing, sidewalks and paving and striping
which is being broken down into a (3) Phased project.
In the first phase, all of the existing manholes and inlet structures are being replaced or upgraded and a new curb and gutter will be
installed. Second phase is milling 3 inches of the existing paving within the scheduled phased areas and then install 3 inches of new
asphalt. In the last phase, a new striping of all newly paved areas will complete the project.
Emergency Room Addition & Renovation
Location : Wilmington, DE
Date : In Progress
Value : $5,115,801.84
Contact : Jacob Spruance
Telephone : 302.994.2511 x4013
FDC is building a new emergency room facility to Building 1 of the Wilmington VAMC. It is a 13,000 sq ft expansion that involves all
major trades from demo, site work, structural steel, carpentry, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work. New handicap and private
parking lots will also be provided. The Emergency Room facility will have state of the art patient treatment rooms, decontamination
room, triage, fasttrack, nurse’s station and isolation and treatment rooms.
Renovate Pharmacy
Location : Coatesville, PA
Date : In Progress
Value : $2,652,988.92
Contact : Carol Pomraning
Telephone : 610.383.0226
This ARRA project is an interior renovation project which will expand the pharmacy area to a more efficient space. It will expand from
5,700 sq ft to 9,700 sq ft. with all major trades such as select demo, asbestos abatement, carpentry, GWB, ACT, flooring, bathroom
accessories, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, communications.
Install Chiller
Location : Lebanon, PA
Date : In Progress
Value : $593,000
Contact : Steven Hammer
Telephone : 717.272.6621 X4720
Funded by the ARRA, FDC will remove the existing chiller and abate the lead paint in the building. Installation of new chiller will be
installed to service the existing Operating Room, Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit. Because of the highly sensitive
areas the chiller will service, utmost care and quality is needed to guarantee the chillers will function as needed during the installation
and maintenance.
Corporate Headquarters :
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